Friday, July 14, 2006

Wikis, Wikipedia and On-line Content

Andy Carvin in a recent blog gave me more insights on what I will need to do with my students as they create and manage their wiki pages. Andy makes the case that teacher's fears about the quality of on-line sources, Wikipeida and others, actually provides a teachable moment. As students research on-line they need to be taught to look at the information with a critical eye. Is the information offered with citations for the source of the knowledge or is it someone's opinion? By training my students to look for reference citations, I will be providing scaffolding for the basis of their future learning and showing the importance of citing references in their own scholarly work, whether wiki or written.

As my students prepare their contributions to the class wiki, I will be requiring that they provide citations from at least 2 -3 reference sources. This will be good practice for them and will help maintain a wiki that will be knowledge based rather than student opinion.

This will also help meet one of our school improvement goals: relevancy of content.



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